Since 1997 HagaDÍ Editing has carried out the postproductions of films and videos in a modern and efficient way, using a well-qualified team with the most up to date equipment.

HagaDÍ Editing is the responsibility of Veronica SŠenz a graduate editor from INSAS (Institut National Superieur des Arts du Spectacle et Techniques de Diffusion, Brussels, Belgium).


New technology

HagaDÍ Montagem is totally in tune with the changing technology in the area of post production and offers enterprises and producers the information most suitable for each project and new formats from the budgeting to planning and the coordination of post production.


The equipment

We have a room exclusively for postproduction equipped with a non-linear editing system, LIGHTWORKS Turbo.

This equipment works with its own software designed specially to edit films operating at 24 frames per seconds. This characteristic allows us to transpose the information with absolute precision to cut the negative or conform the rushes.

We have a large amount of storage space, which allows us to work with several projects simultaneously.

We have a complete range of peripherals including DAT, Beta e VHS machines, High quality monitors, CD Player, and also sounds archives.


Our services

  • Editing and supervising the post production of the project
  • Renting the editing room with Lightworks equipment and peripherals (without operators).
  • Renting the editing room with lightworks equipment and peripherals (with operators).


Working method

We suggest that our clients contact us during the phase of budgeting and pre production so we can indicate the best route for the process of postproduction.



Rua Maranhão, 598 Cj. 93
CEP 01240-000 São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Phone/Fax 55 11 36616773