Among the most important characteristics of Aaton cameras are their lightness and portability.

Our equipment cases are designed to offer the best working and security conditions in a light and resistant shape including some special bags for expeditions.


This is a table of the estimated weight of all our equipment inside their cases:


Aaton Camera 16/S16 XTR Plus and Prod

Camera Case with body/2 chassis/2 batteries/charger

17 kg.


Aaton Camera 35 mm 35III PL

Camera Case with body/1 chassis/2 batteries

17 kg.

Chassis Case with 2 chassis/charger

13 kg.



Case Pelikan with a set of 4 lens Zeiss Hight Speed 9,5/12/16/25

5 kg.
Case Alu with a set of 6 lens Zeiss PL 2.1 16/24/32/50/85/135
9 kg.
Case Alu with a set of 8 lens Zeiss Hiigh Speed 9,5mm a 135 mm
11 kg.
Case Alu with Canon Zoom 8.64 f 2.4
7 kg.

Case Alu with Canon Zoom 11,5-138 T 2.5

6 kg.
Case Pelikan with Canon Zoom 11.165 T 2.5
4 kg.
Case Zoom Cooke Zoom Varotal MKII 16 kg.
16 kg.



Tufpak with Cartoni Tripod two stages

16 kg.
Tufpak with Sachtler Tripod two stages
17 kg.
Tufpak with Oconnor Tripod two stages
14 kg.



ATA case with Combo VHS Panasonic 9'

16 kg.
Pelikan case with Sony "Watchman"
6 kg.
ATA case with Panasonic 14 / VHS
23 kg.



Battery with charger 12 v 14 Ah

6 kg.
Battery with charger 12 v. 7 Ah
3 kg.