When ever possible make your reservation in advance and please note that we will only confirm reservations once a solicitation has been received by fax.

In the case of cancellation please contact us as early as possible.


The Camera Assistant

The camera assistant is a qualified person who supervises the equipment transportation and storage.

Almost all the brazilian camera assistants working in Brazil are familiar with our equipment.

If requested we will supply a list of all trained camera assistants working in Brazil.

The camera assistant is our interlocutor during the process of configuration, testing and preparation of the equipment. For this reason, we require that he has to be present during the collection and return.


Contract and responsibilities of rental

The equipment rentals are covered by a specific rental contract which is available on request.



All the rentals have to be covered by a specific insurance policy and for short periods of rental. When the production company has base in Brazil HagaD can arrange a special short term policy.

If you need more information contact us.