Aaton A-MINIMA, the smallest HD camera in the world.

For several years Aaton, a pioneer in the use of new technology for cinema, has been developing the A-Minima camera. This revolutionary project has reformed the way we make cinema today. The A-Minima uses super 16 and weighs 2 kilos.

Nowadays A-Minima can be considered the smallest HD camcorder in the world.

The A-Minima is already available for rental in Brazil at HagaDê.



Consult the technical specifications and make the download of the
A-Minima's manual in the oficial home page, click here.

Kodak is the oficial supplier of negatives with a special package for a A-Minima, consult the available negative films by clicking here.

To consult the Kodak representatives in Brazil:
click here

The first impressions of A-Minimas users:
click here or http://www.factsaboutfilm.com/stories/lourdsinterview.shtml http://www.factsaboutfilm.com/stories/racingcar.shtml

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